ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa welcomes any questions you have about our services or products. 

Please give us a call or read the Frequently Asked Questions below to see why we are different from the average pet grooming shop.

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What are your business hours?
ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa operates by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  We do not offer same day appointments, but we do maintain a waiting list in case of last minute cancellations.  ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa operates Monday through Friday on an appointment basis.

We offer appointments on Saturday for our Preferred Customers. On Saturdays our first appointment is at 9:00 a.m. with our last appointment at 4:00 p.m.

After hours appointments are available by arrangement. We will do what we can to assist you, just call!

What areas do you serve?

ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa serves the Inland Empire area of southern California.  We cover Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Alta Loma, Claremont and surrounding neighborhoods.

ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa is no longer located in Florida or Pennsylvania.  We are located in southern California's Inland Empire.

Why should I use ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa?
  • ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa offers convenience, a less stressful experience for your pet, and saves you time. Think of the time you would spend to make a delivery and pick-up of your pet to the grooming shop, and you will discover that grooming at a fixed location grooming shop may cost you a half-day or more in time. At ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa, we can groom your pet just steps from your door in one to two hours.

ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa is a licensed and insured pet grooming service. Groomer Jeff Martinez is a trained and certified groomer . If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, if you cannot carry your pet to the groomer and back, or if you wish to work on your schedule instead of the schedule of the grooming shop you currently use, call us. You will be pleased with the results, we guarantee it!   

Your prices are so expensive! Why does mobile grooming cost more?

When you consider the value of your time, the reduction of stress on your pet, one-on one care of your pet's needs, and the convenience of having a groomer come to your door, you will find our price is competitive.

Mobile pet groomers are limited in the number of pets they can accommodate in an eight hour day. We groom fewer pets than a stand-alone grooming shop because our mobile grooming spa must travel to your location, with the inevitable loss of time due to the need for relocating for each appointment. Our mobile pet grooming spa is a specialized, custom built vehicle that has all of the amenities of a pet grooming salon, incorporated into a mobile van. Our mobile grooming spa represents a substantial investment far in excess of that required for a fixed location grooming salon. "Brick and mortar" based shop groomers depend on their ability to groom a high volume of pets each day to keep costs low. Your pet may sit for hours in a crate or cage while awaiting service "assembly line style". For the discriminating and caring pet owner, ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa offers experienced, professional service, quality products, personalized attention and tender, loving care for your pet with the convenience of having the groomer come to you.

I'd like my dog groomed on a regular schedule. Is this possible?
It is not only possible, but encouraged! We want to be your groomer of choice.  ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa offers a ten percent discount for "Preferred Customers" who book a recurring appointment schedule. Preferred Customers receive priority appointment booking with preferential appointment times, as well as special offers throughout the year. Call for details.
Do all dogs need grooming?
All dogs need regular bathing and grooming. Regular coat maintenance is essential for good health. It is important to keep your dog combed and brushed, especially if your pet has long hair. Matted hair can cause skin problems.  If a pet's grooming needs are neglected for too long, especially when the justification is to "save money", this will only result in a lengthy grooming session and a stressed pet, negating any "savings." Regular grooming will make your pet happier, healthier and more attractive.
Doesn't frequent bathing dry out a pet's coat?
Some solutions used by pet owners can, if improperly used, dry out a pet's coat. We use only shampoos and conditioners that are made for dogs. When using the proper bathing shampoos and conditioners on a regular basis, we've never seen dry skin or coat because of frequent bathing. Veterinarians recommend that pet be bathed more often when they suffer from dry or itchy skin or flea dermatitis.
Is ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa licensed and insured?

ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa is owned and operated by Navy Dog LLC, a registered Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company owned by groomer and Navy veteran Jeff Martinez.  ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa is licensed to operate in the areas we serve.  We carry a $1 million business liability insurance policy from a nationally recognized insurer.

How often should my dog be groomed?
We recommend a four to six week schedule. The actual time is dependent upon the breed and size of the dog. We will be happy to discuss this with you and offer our personalized recommendation after physically evaluating your dog.
How can I pay?
Payment is due when services are rendered. ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa accepts cash, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover credit and debit cards.

Due to losses sustained from dishonored checks, we can only accept personal checks from established clients.

Do you offer discounts?
Our "Preferred Customer Program" allows clients who book a recurring appointment schedule of six weeks or less for their pet a ten percent discount on grooming services and additional discounts and incentives throughout the year. Visit our Services Page for more details on the "Preferred Customer Discount" program.

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