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Please ensure that your dog is walked and has gone potty before your appointment. 
A clean-up and waste disposal fee will be charged for repeated clean-ups.  
Accidents do happen, but some can be avoided.  Thank you.


Preferred Customer Program We value pet owners who value their pets. Pet owners can save money, receive priority appointment scheduling, and keep their pets healthy and happy with regular grooming and bathing with the ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa Preferred Customer Program. This program is for our clients who schedule recurring appointments no longer than six weeks apart.  To remain eligible for this program, your pet must receive grooming services from ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa on a six week or less schedule.

Pets groomed on a six week schedule or less receive a ten percent discount on grooming services starting on their third scheduled grooming, the convenience of priority appointments including exclusive Saturday appointment availability, and other special benefits and discounts throughout the year.  

Preferred Customer discounts begin when a client books for a repeating appointment schedule of six or more future appointments, and discounts apply only to all subsequent appointments only as long as the pet is groomed on that schedule.

Any appointment cancellation will result in loss of further preferred customer discounts until the schedule is resumed.

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